Gift ideas for a personal trainer

Updated April 17, 2017

Your personal trainer can be credited for your awesome body and awesome willpower. Give them something to say thank you for the motivation, time and commitment to helping you in achieving your fitness goals. Whether this is a gift for a birthday, holiday or just because, your personal trainer will appreciate the thought and sentiment.

A Relaxing Gift

Personal trainers workout round the clock with their clients. This lends itself to muscle fatigue and sore joints. Give your personal trainer the opportunity to relax his mind and muscles with a massage gift token to a local spa. Your personal trainer will enjoy being massaged after a hard week of whipping clients into shape and will have you to thank for his rejuvenated muscles and joints.

Tasty Treats

Regardless of how great your personal trainer looks, he does eat. Pick up a gift card to a local restaurant and let him have a meal on you. Since the majority of personal trainers stick to a healthy diet, try to purchase a gift card to a restaurant known for its use of fresh produce, minimal preservatives and zero trans fats. If you aren't sure, ask to speak with the chef or manager of the restaurant you have in mind. Explain who the gift card is for and that you want to be sure he will be able to enjoy this particular establishment without messing up his dietary program.

Musically Gifted

Thanks to MP3 players and Apple's iPod, music has a spot in the gym like never before. It is a safe bet that your personal trainer has some form of music-playing device to use when he works out alone. iTunes and Rhapsody, two of the most well-known Internet music marketplaces, both offer gift tokens. Pick one up in increments of £6 and give it to your personal trainer.

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