Decorating ideas for kitchen walls

Updated February 21, 2017

Changing the decor in your kitchen can be as easy as hanging things on your walls. A kitchen is a favourite room for family and friends to gather. You can warm up your kitchen by using creative decorating ideas for kitchen walls. You can go nostalgic and surround the room with antique finds from flea markets and yard sales.

Antique Gadgets

Walls filled with antique kitchen gadgets can lend a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen. They make great conversation pieces while having coffee with friends. You can start your hunt at local flea markets and yard sales. Old rolling pins and flour sifters look great hung on walls. You can pick up some very ornate egg beaters and hang them in your kitchen. A grouping of old cutlery and cheese graters can be hung to look like modern art. Small shelves can be affixed to the walls to hold items that can't be hung on their own. Old milk bottles filled with coloured water and displayed on shelves give splashes of colour to match your decor. Old washboards are easy to find and even easier to hang. A kitchen filled with the things your ancestors used for home cooking delights can be a reminder of how much easier things are today.

Pot Holders For The Wall

Here is something different you can do with pot holders. You can give your kitchen wall space the quilted effect by hanging pot holders side by side. This finished art will be framed with moulding. Buy pot holders that accent your decor and start hanging them up against each other in rows. They can be attached to the wall with small nail tacks or tack putty. Wood moulding can frame the pot holders once they are in place . Be sure the moulding covers the edge of the pot holders to give it a finished look. If the pot holders are odd shapes and do not square off when you are done, cut a pot holder in the size you need. The edges will not show, they will be underneath the moulding.

Add Architecture

You can decorate your kitchen walls with a few wooden antique columns. You can find these at wrecking companies or you can buy them new at a lumber yard. The columns will need to be cut in half so it gives the illusion of being part of the architecture of the room. This gives you two columns for each one you purchase. They come in different sizes so you can pick one that will go with the size of your kitchen. You can stain or paint them to go with your decor. The columns can go anywhere on the wall or you can put them on either side of a door way.

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