Gift ideas for a 19-year-old girl

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 18 is a big deal. Turning 19 is a little less exciting for teenagers. Since there aren't any milestones attached to turning 19, it seems harder to come up with gift ideas for the birthday girl. However, seeing as how it is her final year as a teenager, there are opportunities to give her a keepsake gift to remember the last 18 years.


Create a scrapbook of your teen's life. Create at least one page for every year she has been alive. Ask her family and friends to contribute pages, photos and stories. Then leave the project open for her to continue to scrapbook her life as an adult. Include a page for her 19th birthday so she can start with memories from that day.

Journal or "All About Me" Book

Give her a leather journal. She will have many more experiences to document as she enters her 20s. Or, you can give her an "All About Me," book. The "All About Me" book is a hardcover book that is filled with questions about the person's life. She can fill it out then hide it until she is 29 years old. She can see how much her life has changed in 10 years.

Customised Shadow Box

Combine her interests, then put them on display with a shadow box. If she loves cheerleading, make her a shadow box with her old jersey, pom-poms and a photo of her squad. If she loves music, make copies of the album art from her favourite CDs or purchase a magazine with musician photos to put in a display box. Craft stores like Michael's offer framing services if you do not have time to put the project together.

Custom Jewelry

It's every girl's dream to own a piece of Tiffany & Co. jewellery. Find a pendant that can be engraved. The typical heart tag pendant is £65 without engraving. To have it engraved will cost an extra £19. If your teen admires the colour of her birthstone, consider buying her an expensive piece of jewellery that features that stone. Because you are giving her a gift that costs a little more, your teen will appreciate that you consider her a young adult that is responsible enough to possess such a highly valued jewel.

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