Where to Sell Old Costume Jewelry

Updated February 21, 2017

The value of old costume jewellery may vary according to geographical location, condition and desirability. Desirability depends upon the colour, size, era, designer and current trends and fads in fashion. The geographical location where the jewellery is to be sold may limit selling options, sending the seller searching for larger marketplaces online or in other cities. Broken or unwearable pieces may appeal to artisans and jewellery makers incorporating found objects in their work.

Online Auctions

Auction sites like eBay, uBid or Bidz draw potential buyers from all over the world giving the costume jewellery owner a larger audience to sell to. Each auction site will have their own rules and suggestions about how to arrive at a price, handle shipping and interact with buyers. Previous starting and final purchase prices for old costume jewellery are usually available from an auction site once a membership is established. Research other online sellers' descriptions, selling policies and pricing for a better understanding of the costume jewellery market.

Flea Markets

Purchase a table at a local flea market or an antiques or vintage mall and sell old costume jewellery as a vendor. If the number of jewellery pieces does not warrant a full table, find others that have similar items and share the cost of the table. Market managers usually provide tables at a daily or weekend rate in addition to more long-term rates. Advertise on Craigslist or a similar online or local newspaper classified website and let locals know where the costume jewellery is being sold.

Vintage Stores

Depending on the number of pieces to be sold, a vintage store owner may allow a vendor to set up a table or install a jewellery case and sell inside the store. If not, they may be willing to take the jewellery on a consignment basis. Either way, the store owner will want a percentage of the sales made through their store. Try speciality boutique stores, too. Although their clothing may not be vintage, boutiques are always looking for special items that appeal to their clientèle. Conduct research by visiting vintage and boutique stores to understand how old costume jewellery sells locally.

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