Cake decorating ideas for boys' birthday cakes

Updated November 21, 2016

Kids love birthday cake. It's almost as important as the birthday presents at a birthday party. From soccer fields to pirates, here are some creative cake decorating idea's for boys' birthday cakes.

Sports Cakes

A rectangular cake is a great starting point for boys who love sports. For soccer fans, use green icing and plastic figurines to create a soccer field. Place a goal at each end of the cake with children and a plastic soccer ball scattered in the middle. For football, use green icing, goalposts and plastic football figurines. A similar set-up can be used for a hockey rink cake by using plastic hockey figures and white icing. For tennis fans use green icing, plastic tennis players and place a net in the middle.

A rectangular cake also can be transformed into a bowling ally with pins and a plastic bowling ball or a racetrack using black icing or cookie pieces to make a track with plastic cars on top.

For kids who love basketball and baseball, consider making cupcakes. The top of the cupcake can be made to look like a basketball by using orange icing and then drawing on black stripes using marzipan or icing. Similarly, cupcakes can also look like baseballs by using white icing as a base and then using red icing or marzipan to make the stitches along the side. Alternatively, if the child has a favourite sports team, consider using the team's colours and logo for the cake's theme.

Planes, Trains and Automobile Cakes

Trains, planes, race cars, motorcycles, dump trucks, UFOs, fire engines, trucks, school buses and rocket ships are also great themes for birthday cakes. Place a plastic plane or other item on the cake along with "Happy Birthday" and the boy's name or shape and decorate the cake to look like a space ship, fire truck, train or other vehicle.

Theme Cakes

Transformers, robots, Legos, pirates, treasure chests, "Sesame Street," Sponge Bob, Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, "Star Wars," soldiers and dinosaurs are also popular themes boys will love.

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