Ideas for Decorating Flower Pots

Updated April 17, 2017

There are a great many interesting and beautiful flower pots that can be purchased at your local garden centre or nursery. However, you can decorate terra cotta flower pots that are more individualised, at a much lower price.


There is no secret that clay flower pots can be painted to give them a more decorative appeal. However, there are certain procedures to follow in order to make sure that your artistic work is kept intact. Paint them free hand, make stripes or use stencils to decorate with paint. But, why not try something really different. Paint your pot a dark colour, black, green, blue or maroon, with an acrylic paint (from your craft store). In a small container, mix half acrylic metallic paint (silver, gold or copper) and half water. Use a sponge or rag to wash the metallic mixture over the pot. Let it dry and apply a second coat if you desire.

Wash your clay pot thoroughly before starting any painting project. Allow it to dry in the sun for a day. The clay pot must be completely dry before adhering the paint. Then, you are ready to paint the pot in whatever fashion you like. All painted clay pots should receive a couple of coats of clear polyurethane sealer, inside and out, before planting anything in them. This will give your flower pot a nice sheen, bringing out the colours. More importantly, it will seal the pot, keeping any moisture out of the porous clay. This will keep your artwork intact.


Collage has become all the rage in scrapbooking arts. It can be especially interesting and decorative on a clay pot for an indoor plant. Use a mixture of family photos, interesting papers, script and tissue paper. Start by preparing your pot by washing and drying it, as instructed in the Section 1. Glue on your paper items, as desired, with a découpage medium (found at your local craft store). When the collage is complete, paint an additional coat of découpage medium over the entire surface, inside and out. This will completely seal the clay flower pot. Glue on additional trinkets to complete the art piece.


Decorate your clay flower pots and use them for an alternate purpose, other than a plant. They can easily be turned into reindeer, elf, beehives, dragonflies, gumball machines, tables, birdbaths/feeders, candle holders and many other decorative items for the garden and in the home (see Resources for a link).

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