Mosaic table ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Beautiful mosaic tables can become the centrepiece of any room. You can make a mosaic tabletop with a pattern, mosaic tiles, adhesive and grout. Trace your pattern onto the table, fill in between the lines with coloured tiles and grout between the crevices for a table that you can use indoors or out.

Tulip Mosaic

Image one large tulip planted in a flowerpot as the centre design for your round patio or garden table. Scale the design to the size of your table with the tulip and flowerpot running almost from rim to rim; leave room for a 2-inch border around the perimeter. Draw a line for your border first, and then make the outline of your tulip and flowerpot. Begin tiling your mosaic with the tulip and flower pot first, and then working your way out from the centre. You can select from 1-inch or smaller square tiles at your home store, or find a variety of mosaic tile shapes online and at your local craft store. Weldbond is a good adhesive to use on your indoor mosaics, but you'll want to use thinset on your outdoor mosaic tables. A deep lavender tulip planted in a pink and purple flowerpot surrounded by white tiles encircled with a deep lavender rim is a beautiful mosaic that will stand out in your room. Remember to add leaves on the tulip for more green than just the stem.

Sunburst Coffee Table

Create a sunburst mosaic on a rectangular coffee table you can place in your family room or sunporch. To make the sunburst design, draw a half-circle in the centre along one long edge of your tabletop. Draw straight lines from the rim of your semicircle to the edges of the table. Fill in your semicircle with one tile colour and each of the stripes with other individual colours. You can have a few stripes with a mixture of tile colours, but place solid stripes on either side so they'll stand out better. You could also alternate with one solid ray and one multicolour ray or outline each separate ray in a solid-colour tile and fill in the centre with an array of colours. You will likely have to nip the tiles for smaller areas of your sunburst design. Tile nippers are easy to use and will help you size individual pieces; just place the tile between the nippers and squeeze.

Coffee Cup Mosaic

Your breakfast nook is the perfect place for a small mosaic table with a coffee cup motif. You can have one large cup and saucer as the centrepiece of the design, or rim the edge of the tabletop with small cups and saucers. This design works well with a round, square or rectangular breakfast table. You can use square mosaic tiles or nip bits from large tiles to make your coffee cups. Fill in around the cups with a contrasting colour so your design will pop. The grout colour that you choose will also impact your design. Make sure you remove all of the grout residue from the tile before it dries or your mosaic could appear cloudy.

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