The best way to find someone's address

Updated February 21, 2017

With modern Internet capabilities, finding someone's address is quick and easy. At the click of a button you can find nearly anyone's name, address and phone number--and more. The best ways to do it are by using online phone books, reverse phone directories and search engines. is a free Internet service that allows you to type in a person's name and retrieve their address and phone number. The website also offers an advanced search option that allows you to type in just the first few letters of the person's first and last name and get matching results. This works perfectly when you are unsure how to spell someone's name. is a free service that allows you to type in someone's phone number and get the address to which the number is registered. This is especially useful when you know a friend's phone number but have forgotten his address. Visit the website and navigate to the second row of yellow boxes. Use the box on the right titled "Reverse Phone Number" and type in the person's number. Results will be displayed in seconds.

Search Engines

While and use their own databases to retrieve information, search engines such as Google scan the Internet looking for any match to your search. Visit the Google website and type in the person's name for whom you are trying to find an address. Google will display results within seconds, listing any website that has the person's contact information.

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