Homemade Baby Gift Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are looking for ideas for a unique and personalised baby gift, you can make a variety of gifts with basic craft supplies and a little imagination. Homemade baby gifts might include a quilt, diaper cake, scrapbook or gift basket. You can go to your local craft store for supplies and find free tutorials online for inspiration.

Diaper Cake

Make the mom-to-be a diaper cake using diapers, ribbon and other baby items. One of the best things about diaper cakes is that they can be personalised according to the theme of the baby shower, gender of the unborn child and personal style of the artist. Create your diaper cake by stacking rolled diapers into a 3-tiered cake, and tying colourful ribbon around each tier of diapers. You can then place a baby gift -- such as a plush animal -- on top of the cake, and tuck in small baby items -- like pacifiers -- throughout the cake.


Starting a scrapbook for the baby is a wonderfully creative gift idea. To do this, go to your local craft store and purchase a scrapbook. They come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Next, purchase an array of scrapbook supplies like paper, templates, stickers, buttons and embellishments, pens and markers, and paper cutters. This is where your imagination takes over as you create scrapbook pages using the materials you purchased. You can use photos from the mother's pregnancy like belly and ultrasound photos, baby shower photos and various baby photos.

Nursery Name Plaque

You can make a personalised name plaque for the baby's nursery with your choice of paint and patterns. Craft stores sell unfinished plaques that can be used for this gift. First decide how you want to decorate the name plaque; for instance, with polka dots, stripes or characters. You can find stencils for nearly any idea you come up with if you don't want to draw the design from scratch. Draw the letters and design on the plaque first, then paint it with acrylic paint and cover the paint with a sealer to keep it looking shiny and new for years.

Gift Basket

Put together a homemade baby gift basket with items for both the baby and the mother. First decide on what to use for the "basket." This can be an actual basket, or another item like a tote bag, diaper bag or baby bathtub. Fill the item with a variety of baby items like onesies, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, shampoo, blankets and toys. You can also include items for the mother, such as a photo album or picture frame with the baby's picture in it.

Baby Quilt

If you know how to sew, make a special and unique quilt for the baby. For a 36-inch by 44-inch quilt, you will need a yard of background colour, 31 6-inch by 6-inch scraps of fabric in a variety of colours and patterns, 1.5 yards of backing fabric, and 1/3 yard of binding. Select a theme for the quilt, such as polka dots or butterflies, or choose from a variety of different fabrics making the quilt personalised for the baby.

Baby Wipes Case Cover

If you are comfortable using a hot glue gun, you can make a pretty fabric cover for a travelling wipes case in about 30 minutes. For this homemade gift, you will need a travelling wipes case, batting, a fabric scrap, sponge brush, mod podge, trim and a hot glue gun. To make a wipes case cover, measure the case and cut the batting and fabric accordingly. Put it together by using mod podge to attach the batting to the case, and then attaching the fabric and trim with the hot glue gun.

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