40th birthday scrapbook ideas

Updated June 13, 2017

Celebrate a friend or family member's 40th birthday with a meaningful scrapbook that commemorates the milestone. Create layouts with photo-safe paper, accents and adhesives and store the pages in an archival-safe album to ensure the scrapbook doesn't fade or fall apart over the years. Choose a theme to provide a humorous, historical or heartfelt look at the recipient's life.

List Forty Reasons to Celebrate

Create a 40-page scrapbook album with each layout dedicated to a reason that makes this birthday special. Design pages that feature pictures and text about favourite foods, new hobbies, professional challenges, upcoming movies or personal milestones that the birthday honoree can look forward to in the coming year. Consider leaving the title spots, photo mats and journaling boxes blank for the last 10 pages so the recipient can include reasons that you may have overlooked.

Create a Style File

Take a whimsical look back at the birthday girl's hair and clothing styles over the past 40 years. Include photos of bad childhood haircuts and the embarrassing outfits she wore in elementary school photos, for example. Try a time line that follows her hair, clothing and accessory styles from then until now. As a dimensional touch, find fabric swatches that match the looks in the photos, or use magazine images that show the original celebrity hairstyles or fashion trends that she's wearing in the pictures.

Document Accomplishments

Design layouts to showcase personal and professional feats that the birthday honoree has accomplished in 40 years, including school, work, hobbies and athletic endeavours. Put the spotlight on awards by taking photos of trophies or making copies of certificates, diplomas and newspaper clippings. Ask co-workers, former classmates and fellow hobbyists to donate pictures and write serious or amusing anecdotes about his success in work, school or recreational pastimes.

Offer Birthday Wishes

Ask friends and family members of the birthday honoree to contribute photos and personal wishes for the 40th birthday scrapbook. Let contributors know that messages can be touching, silly or motivational. If you have more photos than handwritten messages, fill the space with inspirational quotes about birthdays, goals and the future.

Record the Birthday Celebration

Take photos and collect memorabilia like napkins, wrapping paper swatches or confetti from the 40th birthday bash to include in a birthday party album. Pass pieces of acid-free card stock around at the party for guests to write birthday messages. Affix the notes alongside pictures snapped during the festivities. Leave several blank pages at the back of the album for birthday cards and additional photos.

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