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Updated March 23, 2017

When you write a change of address form with the post office, all your old junk mail will start to be forwarded to your new doorstep. A better method of notifying the people important for your change of address would be to mass mail it to friends, family, business contacts and even contacts at creditors (as long as you have the creditor's e-mail address) with eCards. Some eCards are animated and funny, and the message is sent to your recipient instantly.

Writing the Message

You only have about 10 seconds to grab a web viewer's attention with an online communication, and that includes an eCard. So keep your change of address eCard message short, sweet and to the point. Identify yourself and write your new full address and new phone number. Ask the reader to immediately add this information to his address book. Include your e-mail address and ask the viewer to e-mail you if he has any questions. If you are having a housewarming party, you can mention the date and time at the bottom of the message, or even place a link to pictures of your home in the eCard message.

Choose a Service

You can use several different online services to write, design and deliver your change of address eCard. is a popular and free service, commonly used for event invitations, but it is also ideal for sending out a change of address notification to all your friends. With Evite, you click the "eCard" tab on the front page. Sign up for an account and choose from a wide variety of eCard templates. For instance, for a change of address note, you might pick a card with a photo of a house or a moving van on front. Then paste your message into the online publishing tool. also allows you to create free eCards in minutes. Click on the "Stay in Touch" tab to find a card that will go best with your change of address message. Choose a card template and click "Send this eCard." Type in your message and add the email addresses of all your recipients. Other similar services include, and

Mass eMail Your eCards

Collect all of the email addresses for your family and friends. You have two options. You can 1) deliver the cards via your online eCard service or 2) send a link to the eCard to your family and friends manually using your own e-mail account. Because this is important time-sensitive message that you do not want to be lost in transit, it may be safer to send the message from your own personal letter box so that your recipients will recognise your e-mail address.

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