Things to say on a baby card

Updated February 21, 2017

Comments, words and poetry on a baby card should be warm and welcoming. It is the most wondrous time in people's lives, when they bring a new family member home to settle into their family's hearts and household.

Welcoming the New Baby

To make the new baby card you send warm and welcoming, you can write any of these phrases or make a combination of your own using these ideas:

May you enjoy the wondrous gift of having of having a new baby to warm your hearts and home.

When you have a new baby you're reminded of just how wonderful this world can be.

The true meaning of love is never more apparent than when you look into your new baby's eyes.

May all the love and joy you feel on this special day stay with you through your lifetime.

Today the world is a better place with this beautiful new life.

You never know what love really is until you hold your new baby for the first time.

Life is beautiful today, as we welcome your new baby with all our hearts.

All the good things life has to offer can be found in your baby's eyes.

Happiness and Joy

Send the new parents a message of happiness and joy:

Your new baby is a little of both of you and a whole bunch of love.

Welcome to your new baby. May she/he enjoy all the wonders the world has to offer.

Welcome to the new baby! May her/his life be filled with love and joy.

Welcome to your new baby. May he/she always feel the love and warmth that's here today.

Welcome to your new baby, and may you all have love health and happiness throughout your days.

Babies remind us of all the beautiful things this world has to offer.

Babies are nature's way of reminding us of that life can be more beautiful than you ever imagined.

When you hold your baby for the first time all the love, happiness and joy of the world is yours.

A new baby will fill your hearts and home with joy and happiness.

Make a Card as Special as Your Message

When conveying a message of congratulations and sharing the happiness of the new baby's arrival, why not make it extra-special? A homemade card is a thoughtful added touch. If you have a picture of the new baby, you can use Photoshop to create a personalised card.

If a picture is not available, you can still make your own card with a picture from a free image site. Any clip are pertaining to a baby will do. The sky is the limit. When making your own card, you can incorporate the baby's birth date and birth statistics. The new parents will cherish a one-of-a-kind baby card forever.

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