Cupcake ideas for children

Written by grace ferguson | 13/05/2017
Cupcake ideas for children

Decorating cupcakes offers the chance to be creative. Cupcakes also are relatively easy for children to decorate. Cupcake decorating with children creates family bonding, while a cupcake party for children provides the opportunity for friendships to develop while they have fun decorating.

Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes are a spooky treat for children on Halloween. Allow baked cupcakes to cool completely before getting started. For this recipe, it is easier to work with one or two cupcakes at a time so the frosting does not set too quickly. Cut 1 pound of black liquorice into small pieces that resemble spider legs. Frost each cupcake with white frosting. Insert the liquorice legs into each side of the frosted cupcake. There should be only three legs on each side of the cupcake so you do not overcrowd the cupcake. Place two candy corns on the lower edge of the cupcake. These are the spider's fangs. Add two red dots above the fangs to serve as eyes. Sprinkle the cupcakes with decorator sugar to add a special touch.

Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug cupcakes are an easy idea for children during the springtime when all the critters outside tend to thrive. Set aside a small portion of white icing for the head of the ladybug. Mix the remaining white icing with red icing, creating a bright pink colour. Cover each cupcake with the pink icing. Create a semicircle at the tip of the cupcake with the bit of white icing set aside. Place a liquorice strip vertically on the cupcake. Add chocolate drops on top of the pink icing to form the dots of the ladybug. Use two rainbow chocolate chips for the eyes and one rainbow chocolate chip for the nose. Cut a small bit of liquorice and place it on the ladybug to serve as its mouth. Add two more strips of liquorice to form cute antennae for the ladybug.

Lion Cupcakes

Frost cupcakes with yellow icing. To make the mane and whiskers, slice five orange gumdrops and two yellow gumdrops in half. Place the sliced orange gumdrops around the top edge of the cupcake to form the illusion of a lion's mane. Place the yellow gumdrops on the middle of the cupcake to serve as a nose from which the whiskers come. Attach three 1-inch pieces of black liquorice to the yellow gumdrops. Make sure there are three whiskers in each yellow gumdrop. Use chocolate chips for the eyes and nose, and put a dot of icing on top of the eyes.

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