4th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Fourth wedding anniversary ideas are abundant. The traditional gift is fruit and flowers. The modern gift is linen, silk, or nylon. The alternative modern gift is appliances. The official fourth anniversary flower is the geranium and the gemstone is the blue topaz. As you can see, each of these items allows you to choose the perfect fourth wedding anniversary gift for your spouse.

Fruit and Flowers

Fruit and flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth wedding anniversary. The official flower for the fourth anniversary is the geranium. If you choose, you can purchase geraniums to plant outside your home. If your spouse enjoys gardening, then this is the perfect gift. You may also consider sending a fruit basket filled with your spouse's favourite fruits. They are delicious and you can both enjoy them over some nice candlelight and conversation.


Linen, silk, and nylon are all textiles that are modern fourth anniversary gifts. Consider purchasing a linen tablecloth and set the table for a romantic dinner. Then move into the bedroom where there are new silk sheets waiting for your spouse. Have some massage oil handy. Don't forget to light some candles, play some soft romantic music, and spread some flower petals to make the night one that you will both remember forever.


The official stone for the fourth anniversary is the blue topaz with the less expensive alternative being the blue zircon. When it comes to jewellery, the options are plenty. Check her jewellery box to see what types and styles of jewellery she likes. Does she prefer a specific length necklace? What size are her rings? Does she prefer hoop or stud earrings? These are important questions to know the answers to when choosing that perfect piece of jewellery for your fourth anniversary.

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