25th anniversary ideas for a company

Updated March 23, 2017

A company's 25th anniversary is a significant accomplishment as it marks a quarter of a century in business and celebrates a prosperous future in the market. Commemorate the occasion with a 25th-anniversary logo on speciality items, a corporate time capsule and a silver-anniversary bash.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule by digging through your archives to find old sales transactions, photos of your business during the grand opening, old sample products or equipment you used when you first started your company.

Seek out employees who have been working with the company since the beginning and ask them to write a page or two addressing their memories with the company.

Ask customers who have been with the business for 25 years to write about their experiences and how their relationship has changed and evolved through the years.

Gather the items, notes and photos and present the time capsule during a 25th-anniversary celebration or employee get together. Ask employees to talk about their memories, but also discuss the direction the company is heading.

Find a safe spot in the office and store your time capsule so that you can break it out again on your 50th anniversary.

Commemorative Items

Design a special 25th-anniversary logo that will cover all items throughout the year. Create commemorative mugs, T-shirts, golf shirts, pens and mouse pads to hold the logo. Give these items as customer and employee incentives throughout the year.

For a 25th-anniversary party, order promotional M&Ms with "25" and your corporate logo or design a champagne-bottle label with your 25th-anniversary logo.

Order a new 25th-anniversary line of stationary, envelopes and business cards. Use silver to emboss the paper since silver is symbolic of 25 years together or in business.

25th-Anniversary Party

A celebration is one of the best ways to mark this accomplishment. Silver is the colour for 25 years, so integrate silver into your theme. Hold the party at your office or a local restaurant or country club to make it extra special.

Decorate with 25th-anniversary party items and cover the room with silver balloons and ribbons. Invite all employees, customers and some of your treasured employees who may have retired.

Break out your logo items and have a bottle of 25th-anniversary logo champagne on each table and bowls of 25-year M&Ms by the bar and on food tables. Include door prizes such as 25th-anniversary shirts and even £16 gift cards.

If you choose to create a time capsule, make it the centre of attention and include it in a speech about business' beginning and the company's future.

A nice touch would be to present the business owner with an engraved 25-year silver platter during the ceremony to mark the accomplishment of being in business for a quarter of a century.

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