Decorating ideas for engagement party

Updated February 21, 2017

Many couples celebrate their impending nuptials by throwing an engagement party. The purpose of this party is to formally announce the engagement of the couple. Some brides and grooms host their own engagement party while others have family members or close friends that host the party for the couple. Decorations for the party can range from formal to very casual, depending on tastes, the budget and location of the engagement party. Overall, however, engagement parties are usually less formal than a wedding reception.

Banners and balloons

Balloons are a versatile decorating tool. Inexpensive and fun, they can be used formally or informally. Try tying bunches of balloons to the gate or porch of the engagement party venue (usually someone's home). Alternately, create a balloon arch for the newly engaged couple to walk through when they enter the party. Also, hang a banner announcing the engagement, or one that simply states, "Congratulations!"

Timeline or collage

A fun decoration to display at an engagement party is a photo collage or timeline that incorporates photos of the couple. Timelines can be used to compare the lives of the two lovers (they are particularly funny when there is a large age gap). Collages are a bit easier to design, because you don't have to figure out specific dates. Use photos or copies of photos, butcher paper and scrapbooking templates, stickers, markers and other artistic tools to create your timeline or collage. Hang it on a large wall, inside or outside.

Touches of romance

No engagement party is complete without small touches of romance. Try purchasing balloons in the shape of hearts. Set candles around everywhere, or create luminaries by placing votive candles anchored in sand inside of small luminary bags. Strings of white twinkling lights wrapped around trees add a romantic touch to a garden party, as do paper lanterns. Fresh roses in vases are very romantic and will fill your venue with a luscious scent. Choose flowers, balloons and other decorations in the colours of the upcoming wedding.

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