Hall Decorating Ideas for Engagement Parties

Updated February 21, 2017

Engagement parties are usually less formal and less expensive than wedding receptions. It can be a lot of fun to decorate for an engagement party, even when it is being held in a hall, which can be large and empty. With a little creativity, some inexpensive materials and a lot of hard work, you can create a beautiful look that won't break your budget.


Lights are a key factor in decorating a hall for an engagement party. Luckily, strings of lights are inexpensive, and most people already have plenty of lights tucked away for use during the holidays. Dust off your strands of white lights and hang them all over the hall. Drape them from the ceiling, string them across the room or wrap them around poles, windows and other architectural features. They will create an instantly warm and romantic feel.


While balloons might be too informal for most weddings, they strike the perfect balance between fun and cute at an engagement party. Tie bouquets of balloons (choose balloons in the wedding colours) to sconces on the walls, to the corners of tables, or let helium-filled balloon float loosely along the ceiling.


Halls usually have large expanses of empty walls, which can be difficult to decorate. Try filling up a wall with a collage made up of pictures of the bride and groom. The pictures can include baby photos as well as poses with family members and friends. Get a large piece of butcher paper and attach the photos to it. Then, decorate around the butcher paper with large hearts cut from construction paper.


Decorate the hall with streamers. Streamers are inexpensive and can be used in a great number of ways. Drape them along the wall in large loops tied with ribbons at intervals. Alternately, string them from each corner of the ceiling and tie them together in the middle of the ceiling, hanging a bunch of balloons from the point where all four streamers meet.

Flowers and candles

Candles bring a cosy feel to a large hall. Place them in groups on small tables scattered randomly along the walls of the hall, or place them in groups on the centre of each guest table. Because flowers can be expensive, limit your flowers to one beautiful centrepiece to be used at the main table, or just place a single rose in a bud vase in the centre of each table.

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