Scrapbook ideas for a 25th anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

Make a traditional silver 25th wedding anniversary extra special with a scrapbook full of 25 years of memories. Invite anyone who has known the couple, even as far back as high school days, military service, or events with parents and grandparents, to participate in this celebration. Creating the memory book will be as much fun as giving it to the couple, who will be thrilled to receive it.


Collect documents, announcements and photographs related to the couple who is about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Ask family members, neighbours, co-workers, friends and acquaintances to write a paragraph or a few words, about an event or about the couple, that can be placed in the scrapbook. Other items can be lyrics from the couple's favourite songs and other mementos. Purchase a white scrapbook from a craft shop such as AC Moore for a 25th anniversary, along with dimensional stickers, rub-ons (rub-on images, words), themed papers, vintage images and decorative embellishments to enhance the scrapbook.

Anniversary Scrapbook Ideas

Arrange all the materials collected for the 25th anniversary scrapbook by categories and subjects starting with the wedding. Include wedding announcements, a copy of the wedding invitation, newspaper announcement, copies of cards, photographs from the honeymoon and postcards of the city or places visited during the honeymoon. When satisfied with the design and layout of each page, secure the items onto the pages with acid-free double-sided tape, insert the sheets into scrapbook size plastic protectors and put them into the scrapbook in the order desired.

A Few Tips

Scan photographs, the couple's children's drawings, cards, postcards from family trips or other original documents for size reduction and printing to include in the scrapbook. Write to places (area chambers of commerce or visitor centres) where the couple has lived or travelled to obtain information and brochures that can be cut and pasted into the book as well. It may take many months or a year to gather all the items for this project, so plan well in advance.

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