Tag Heuer Carrera Instructions

Updated March 21, 2017

Tag Heuer is a popular watchmaker based in Switzerland. Since the 1860s, the company has produced fine watches for both men and women. While many watch companies produce inexpensive watches powered by batteries, Tag has traditionally specialised in high-quality automatic models. The Carrera model exemplifies this Swiss craftsmanship with a racing-inspired watch for men. This model boasts a cutting-edge design and fine details, including sapphire crystal and automatic movement. As with all fine watches, correct use and care is required to keep the timepiece running properly.

Carrera Watch Care

The Carrera watch from Tag Heuer is fully automatic, or self-winding. This means that wrist motions during everyday wear will keep the watch running automatically. The Carerra features water-resistance to 100 feet. The crystal is made from scratch-proof sapphire, which helps protect the luminous hands and hour markers on the watch face.

While the Carrera is a rugged and professional model, a certain amount of care is required. The watch should be cleaned often using water and regular soap. It should be rinsed any time it is exposed to salt water, as this can cause corrosion over time.

Due to the automatic movement, the mechanism may lose power if the watch has not been worn for some time. Re-start the movement by generating wrist motion, or wind the watch manually using the crown.

Carrera Adjustments

There are three positions for the Carrera's push-down crown. The inner position is used for normal wear and winding. To wind the crown manually, simply rotate it clockwise.

Changing the date on the Carrera is done from the middle crown position. Turn the crown clockwise to advance the date, one day at a time. Push the crown back to the inner position when finished.

The outer crown position is used for setting the time. You can turn the crown in this position either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Adjust the time forward or backwards. Setting the time backwards will not damage the watch. When the time is correct, press the crown all the way into the inner position.

Carrera Timing

The Carrera also features a unidirectional turning bezel. This ratcheting ring is designed for scuba diving, though it can be used to measure any elapsed time.

At the start of a dive, or when beginning a timer, rotate the bezel until the zero marker is in line with the position of the minute hand. As time elapses, the minute hand will indicate how many minutes have progressed on the outer bezel. When finished, rotate the bezel back to the top position.

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