Anniversary card making ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Anniversaries should be celebrated. Let the special people in your life know how happy you are for them and that you share in their celebration by making them a personalised anniversary card. Anyone can buy a card from a card store display, but your card will show that the occasion meant enough to you to take the extra time needed to create a special card all your own.

Create and Order Online

Visit one of many online sites designed for the creation of personalised greeting cards. You may try Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish or Vista Print for starters. Upload a photo of the happy couple to the website. Choose the card you want to create. Add the photo to the card and personalise with your own content and greeting.

Submit your credit card and shipping information. Some sites will even mail the card you've created directly to the anniversary couple. You may prefer, however, to have it sent to you instead, so you can sign and address it yourself.

Hand Creation

Purchase some card stock and card-making embellishments at your local craft supply store. Create an original greeting for the inside of the card. You might wish to write a poem to even further the aspect of personalisation. Be sure the outside of the card says Happy Anniversary, and add the number of years the couple has been married if you'd like.

Decorate the card with the purchased embellishments. Use hearts, ribbons, flowers and other romantic accessories, or opt to decorate the card with items that symbolise the couple's interests. For example, a couple who loves to travel will enjoy seeing small luggage stickers, passports or aeroplanes indicating their passion for travel. Nature enthusiasts will know you've taken the time to personalise their card with animals, trees and ocean scenes. The possibilities are endless, as there are stickers and embellishments available in nearly every theme you could imagine.

If you have an artist's flair, sketch or draw something to decorate your card instead.

In addition, you may insert the card stock into your computer printer and type the verse and congratulatory words instead of writing them by hand.

Framed Options

Visit your local card store and purchase a blank greeting card featuring a frame for a photo. Insert a photo of the anniversary couple and decorate the card using embellishments or original artwork. Pen a greeting and of course words of congratulations, and include a poem on the inside of the card expressing your good wishes for them as they enjoy many additional married years together.

Consider investing in some ink pads and rubber stamps to decorate your anniversary card. Stamps are available in words, phrases and entire poems as well.

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