Circus Ringmaster Costume Ideas for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Ringmaster costumes are a fun way to bring the circus home for you and your kids. For children, they can be great for Halloween, or any costume party you may have. A few creative ideas are all you need to make your child look right at home under the big top.

Creating the Basic Costume

Start by finding a red or black suit jacket. If you can find one that hangs a bit lower in the back, that would be even better. But if you want to find a jacket that will fit your child for another occasion, that's fine. For the undershirt, all you need is a white button-down dress shirt. To spruce up the costume, try decorating the jacket with gold or silver sequins and giant gold or silver buttons for the front. For the bottom, use either black dress slacks or, for a girl, a black skirt if you prefer. Pair the bottoms with close-toed black shoes. Since this is a costume for a child, try to make sure the shoes will be comfortable for her to wear.

Use a Bow Tie

To dress up the outfit, get a child's black bow tie. You can find relatively cheap clip-ons at most general clothing stores. You can even add a few sequins to the bow tie to better match it with the jacket.

A Top Hat

A top hat is essential to any ringmaster costume. You can find children's top hats at most costume stores. You can even reuse your top hat for other costumes; maybe next Halloween your child could be the Monopoly man.

Add a Mustache

For boys, draw on a small curly moustache using make-up crayon, found at most costume stores, or hypoallergenic eyeliner. Both are gentle on his skin.

A Safer Whip

Traditional ringmaster costumes are paired with a whip, but since this one will be for a child, a whip may be a bit too dangerous. Instead, try making your own child-safe whip with thick black wool yarn and two Popsicle sticks. First, colour your Popsicle sticks black using permanent marker. Then, braid the yarn to the length of your liking. Take the end of your braid and glue it between your two Popsicle sticks. You now have a soft whip for your little ringmaster.

A Cute Alternative to a Whip

Instead of pairing your child's costume with a whip, go to your local toy store and purchase a small stuffed lion or elephant for your child to carry around and tame for the crowd. This is a particularly useful alternative for younger children.

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