The Best Ways to Set Up Wireless PC to TV

Updated February 21, 2017

A PC to TV wireless device can be used to send images and video that is being viewed on the computer monitor to a television screen. Connect a transmitter to your laptop or desktop computer and a receiver to a television set. This will allow you to watch online video or view images from your computer on a standard or high-definition television.


To use a PC to TV wireless system your computer and television need to have the proper connections. A PC to TV wireless system will use a computer's video and audio connection to transmit the signal. A television must have an an audio/video input to connect the PC to TV receiver. If you are using a laptop computer it must have an VGA connector on the back to connect the receiver unit. In addition to needing a video connection to the television an audio connection to a stereo receiver may be required.


Most PC to TV systems will send a signal up to 100 feet away from the source. You can transmit a signal from your PC to a TV to play a DVD or monitor internet usage from another room in the house. A PC to TC system can also be used to display a PowerPoint presentation on a television in a conference room. You can also use a PC to TV wireless system as a replacement for a DVD player. A PC to TV wireless system can also be set to use different channels than can be transmitted to multiple televisions.


Installing a PC to TV wireless device will require you to connect the transmitter and the receiver properly to the computer and television. The wireless system will include a connector cable to split the VGA signal to send it to the display and the transmitter. An audio cable will also be included that will need to go from the audio output on the computer to the transmitter. You should also have an audio/video cable to connect the receiver to the audio and video inputs on a television set. Once all of the connections have been made plug the AC power adaptor into the wall.

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