Decorating Ideas Using Green & Purple

Updated February 21, 2017

A green and purple colour scheme can add instant pizazz to any room in your home. The two colours are complimentary, and can add a look of sophistication to your bedroom, or create a spa-like feel in your bathroom. The green and purple colour combination can be found in many natural environments, so draw on nature when decorating with this dynamic colour duo. A lavender plant will create a soothing space, while a vase full of purple flowers will add instant elegance to your home.

Relaxing room

Create a spa-like atmosphere using green and purple decor. Turn your bathroom into a soothing respite by hanging green and lavender towels, and using soft lighting. Set out pots of lavender plants, which will impart a relaxing scent throughout the room. In the bedroom, paint the walls a soft purple shade, and set out pots of live plants, which will create a serene environment while naturally clearing the air of toxins.

Country charm

Add country charm to your home by decorating with green and purple. Create a gardenlike setting in your kitchen by painting the walls a fresh green colour, and hang towels with a purple flower motif. Use silver watering cans as plant pots, and set up a window herb garden featuring lavender and other spices. Buy a dining room table made of rough-hewn or recycled wood, and set out a purple and green checked tablecloth; use a vase of wildflowers as a centrepiece.

Pleasing porch

Create a refreshing warm weather escape by decorating your screened porch with green and purple decor. Set out a white wicker loveseat and chairs, and decorate using comfortable purple and green floral cushions. Hang pots of live plants from ceiling hooks, and set out lavender-scented candles on tables to create a relaxing ambience.

Sweet space

Decorate a young girl's bedroom using a green and purple colour scheme. To create a sweetly feminine room, hang white eyelet curtains and buy a comforter or sheets featuring a purple and green flower motif. Paint the walls a soft lavender colour, and create girlish designs, such as hearts and flowers, using green paint and stencils. Use white wicker bedroom furniture, such as a dresser, night stand and a headboard.

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