Electricity Safety Rules for Children

Written by natalia herron
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Electricity Safety Rules for Children
Knowing electricity safety rules can save your child's life. (farewell with a bulb image by Cherry-Merry from Fotolia.com)

Parents are responsible for teaching their kids electricity safety rules. If children don't follow these rules they can get an electric shock and even die. Adults should make sure that the home is safe: cover all unused sockets with plastic plugs, check electrical cords for any damage and wear, hide cords so that children don't walk on them or pull them.


Water and electricity should not be together. Children should dry their body and hands after taking a bath or using a pool before touching any electrical items such as a hair dryer or a light switch. Kids should never put electrical devices, including their cords, into water or next to water. Never take plug-in electrical items like a light or a radio into a washroom. Children should keep drinks away from electrical items to prevent spilling.

Electrical Cords

Electrical cords are not toys. Children should not play with electrical cords or allow pets to play with them or chew on them. Children should know to inform adults if there are any signs of wear on electrical cords. Sparks from damaged cords can cause a fire. Never pull cords to unplug them.

Electrical Sockets

It is dangerous to plug too many electrical devices into one adaptor. Overloaded adaptors can catch on fire. Children should never stick fingers or items into holes of electrical sockets and should never try to remove plastic plugs from sockets.

In a Kitchen

Children should learn not to put anything into a dishwasher or a microwave without an adult helping them. Never stick forks, spoons or knives inside the toaster, even if the toast is stuck. Electric cords of kitchen appliances should be away from the sink and heat sources. Children should watch not to trip on the iron's cord. If the iron falls, it can hit a child, severely burn her skin and even cause a fire.


Children should stay away from high-voltage electricity: telegraph poles, fences around power stations, fallen electrical wires. Never climb trees next to power lines and never play with a kite around them.

Changing a Light Bulb

Children should know to ask an adult to help them to change a light bulb. It is important to check labels inside the light fixture to find out the right light bulb wattage.

During a Thunderstorm

Children should stay inside the house during a thunderstorm. Telephones can only be used for emergencies. If it's not possible to go inside, it is important to stay away from single trees and metal objects, such as farm equipment, motorcycles, wire fences, metal rails and pipes. A lightning can strike these objects. Swimming in a lake, river, sea, ocean or swimming pool is one of the most dangerous things to do during a thunderstorm. Water attracts lightning.

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