Proper way to wear cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the few pieces of jewellery that most men can actually pull off. It's a great understated way to show self-expression. But before you express yourself, you need to know the proper way to wear cufflinks.

Bridging the Gap

Cufflinks basically bridge the gap between your open shirt sleeves, namely the cuff. They do the work that buttons would otherwise do--but with more flair. The buttonless dress shirt that needs these little contraptions is called a French cuff (Also called double cuffs because they are so long).

Wearing Different Styles

Neatly fold the cuff back toward you. Line up the holes of the shirt's cuffs. T-bar style (the most common style): 1. Close the bar on the back of the link so that it is straight. 2. Push this straightened bar down through the holes. The decorative face of your link should be facing out/toward you. 3. Open the bar so that it is flat against the cuff. This will secure it.

Shackle/Button style (two decorative pieces linked with a chain) 1. Slip one button into holes (smaller piece if available), linking both sides of the cuff. 2. The decorative face will be seen on both sides of the cuff.

Silk knot (Also called monkey fists) 1. Similar to the Shackle/Button style, only it is balls of silk. Slip one ball (with the tube-like backing) into the holes, linking both sides of the cuff.

Mushroom (One solid piece with a smaller end) 1. Simply push the smaller side down into the sleeve. 2. Decorative face will show on top of sleeve.

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