Video transcription

Hi, my name is Liz Watts, and I'm certified to work with small devices, such as the iPod Touch. Today, I'm going to show you both the ways that you can actually take playlists off of your iPod Touch. The first way to do it is just from the iPod. There are no cords required. So, what you would do is, you would go back to your main screen, and you would go to your music app. Now, you can see that I have one playlist here. So, what I can do is tap on that. It gives me a list of all the songs that are there in that playlist. So, I can actually edit it, clear it, or delete it. So, if I just hit "Delete" - "Delete Playlist," it wants to make sure that you do want to get rid of that. And, now you can see that it's not there anymore. The other way to clear a playlist from your iPod Touch is to plug it into the bottom, right there. After you do that, your computer will recognize a new power source. Once iTunes recognizes that it's there, you'll be able to see it under your devices. Click on that, and then click on "Music," this tab right here in the top. You can see that I have a playlist already there. If I unclick it, and then I "Apply," which is in the bottom right hand corner, that will actually take that playlist off of my iPod Touch. And, that's how you clear a playlist.