Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rose Keppler Moridian of Delicious Gardens, and I'm here to show you how to repel rabbits from your vegetable garden. The tools that we will need will be two different types of fencing, one decorative and one sturdy, clothespins, twist ties, stakes and trellis netting. The first thing you want to do is create a border of fencing, put them in around the border, soil staples to secure them in. Make sure that you don't puncture any irrigation lines when you're doing this. To tie the two pieces together, use a twist tie. That looks pretty ugly by itself so I like to use decorative fencing. This is a fold out green wire, not quite as strong but definitely a little bit taller. So now we have two fences side by side. This is the part that really keeps them out is the trellis netting, two stakes, one for the front and one for the back. The back is a little bit shorter in this case because we have a hill beside us and one in the front. Then we drape the trellis netting over the stakes and then to secure the netting to the fences we use clothespins and then to secure the netting to the stakes, we use clothespins again and these clothespins is a great way to keep it secure but also to easily take it on and off whenever you need to harvest. This will keep the rabbits out. I'm Rose Keppler Moridian of Delicious Gardens. I've been showing you how to keep rabbits out of your vegetable garden. Thank you very much for joining me.