Video transcription

Hi, I'm Paul Hoke with Upstate Swing. Today, we are going to show you how to do the swing dance Lindy hop. Today we are going to show you the swing out move of Lindy hop. And we want to start I hope you have some basics under your belt because you want an eight count rhythm or a rock step, triple step, step, step, triple step. Now do that a thousand times. Triple, step, step, triple. Now I find with my beginners if you rotate triple, step, step, triple while you are doing this it makes them pick up this quite a bit quicker. So I just go in a full circle. Rock step, triple step, step, step, triple step, rock step. We do that quite a bit. Then we are going to start in the open position. We are going to do a rock step, the first triple will bring her towards us. We'll catch her in the closed. Triple step, on our step, step we'll send her back where she came from. Step, step and then go back in the open, triple step. So I go rock step, half a turn for the guys. Triple step, step back that brings the ladies forward. Go ahead and let her go, step. And we are back where we started, triple step, rock step. Lets just switch places. We'll try it from this angle. We'll go rock step. I want to pull her forward and meet her in the middle. Triple step, half a turn there. Ladies if you are squared here that would be great. I bring you forward, step. I release you, step. Try not to travel past this point. Triple step. Sometimes us guys we get a little eager we sling you way out there which you really don't want to go past that point. We go rock step, triple step, step, step, triple step. Then you add your basic spins in that swing out. So you would go rock step, triple step across the body or an inside spin. And then we can also do an outside spin, triple step, step, step, triple step and rock step. Okay on the rock step first triple we pull her forward, triple step. We are connected shoulders squared off. Lady's hands on the front of the shoulder. This hand there's no tension here so we are not pulling or pushing. It's just connected and touching. This hand on the back brings her forward as we step back and tells her how far to step forward. How fast to step forward. We release her then we triple step, back to the open. Rock step you bring her in. Triple step as I step back this hand brings her forward. Step I release her. Step make sure she doesn't go too far, triple step. Once again I'm Paul Hoke with Upstate Swing and today we taught you how to do swing dance Lindy hop.