Video transcription

Hi, my name is Shaun Curtis with SC Trainings. I'm a personal basketball coach here in the Greater Salt Lake area and today we're going to learn how to install a basketball net. Here we are at an outdoor court. We came to play a little bit of basketball and found that the net is deattached from the hoop. So we're going to learn a little bit on how to reattach or how to even install a brand new net on your basketball hoop. The basic is you want to form a little loop with the net. You reach it through the very top part of the rim, pull it down to where it attaches under this little hook and then from there you simply pull it until it comes through. This net is a little old and a little, been beaten up by the weather so it's a little difficult but a brand new net is extremely simple to get it on there. So, you simply find the top of the piece of the loop, insert it through this top part right here, pull down to where it's going to grab this corner, this little bottom loop of the rim. At times when the net is older it can be difficult because it's been worn out by the weather, but if you give it enough pull it will come through. Let's see if we can get it here, and there it is. Again, my name is Shaun Curtis, and we've just learned how to install a basketball net.