Video transcription

Hello, this Tyler with Appliance Service By Paul located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're going to walk you through how to replace the stretch belt on your washing machine. Okay, in order to replace the belt on your front load washer, it's going to be a lot easier if you remove this bracket. So, we've taken the back off already and remove this bracket; make a little easier for us to get into the belt. Now, this belt are stretched on and so, you can't just pull the belt off. So, you need to take them, pull the belt towards you as you rotate and the belt will come off of the pulley. Okay, now, once you get your new belt, you're going to want to start by putting it around the motor shaft first. Now, we're going to have to rotate it up around the pulley because the belt has to be stretched tight in order for it to turn the heavy loads of the drum. We're going to start the belt into the groves of the motor; I like to come up this far, this close side and just wrap the belt on them. You're going to slowly turn it. Once you get to there, you're going to find that this is going to start being really tight; you need to grab tight up here or the belt's going to start slipping off of you. As you hold it there, the belt is going to line up. Now, once you get the belt on, you don't want the belt to be too far back on the pulley or it's going to start rubbing on your tub. So, you need to look at the belt; make sure it's in the middle of the, the shaft or in the middle of the pulley and rotate it and then you should be good to go. Again, this is Tyler with Appliance Service By Paul. We've just walked you through the process of how to replace your belt on a washer.