Video transcription

Hi, I'm Adam with We Light Up the Night, and today we are going to talk about how to mount a flat screen TV on the wall. I have with us a small flat screen television. And our fake wall for demonstration purposes. This way we can flip the wall around and show you a few things when we are all done. I'm holding here just a basic flat panel mount. This particular mount is something that we call Vesa. These are four screw holes in a square pattern that match up with what's on the back of my television set here. This is a standard mount so anything that says Vesa on it would take this type of mount and it's very common. You'll find it on the back of a lot of smaller units and you can find these Vesa mounts at your local home improvement store. So this is the mount that we are going to be using today. You'll notice that these holes here match up with the holes on the back of the set. And later on we'll be securing these two together with some screws. But for now I'm going to set this aside and I'm just going to take this one piece of our mounting bracket off here. And we are going to make some markings on our wall and drill out some holes into the stud to attach this piece. So we know that our TV is going to go in this area. We definitely want to be attaching this to a stud. It's easy to see with our demonstration wall that this is our stud right here and we've made a line right down the outside of the drywall where we want to line this up. If you couldn't see inside your wall you'd want to use a device like a stud finder that you can move back and forth across the wall that will show you indications of where that stud is. Since we already have ours marked here we are going to hold this bracket up where we need it and try and get it centered as best I can. I'm also going to use a bubble level to try and get my mounting bracket level as best I can. And it looks like I've just about got it. Now I'm going to mark these spots on my wall with a marker. And then we'll set those items down. And we are going to use a drill here to drill out the holes in preparation for inserting these bolts. Okay. Now we are going to use some hex head bolts to secure our mount into the wall. I've got a driver here and this will make it very easy to get our bolts in place. With our mount now attached securely to the wall we are going to attach our mounting plate to the television set. We'll use a screwdriver to tighten these screws down the rest of the way. And now we will hang our mounting bracket from the TV onto this catch on the wall. With our mount in place we'll lock things down with this piece here. Now with our TV firmly mounted to the wall we can take our cover piece slide this over the hardware behind the television and just gives a nice finishing look to it. You can see that this is a full articulating mount which means not only can we swivel this back and forth but we can also tilt the TV up and down a very good range. So it's going to make for a prime viewing angle and a great wall mount for our television set. I'm Adam with We Light Up the Night, and thanks for watching how to wall mount a flat screen TV.