Video transcription

Hi, my name is Given Campbell. I'm a wallpaper designer in Tampa, Florida. And today, I'm going to give you tips on how to remove dried wallpaper paste from a wallpapered surface. The best way to really prevent this is during installation, just to be vigilant about when you smooth the wallpaper and you squeegee it down or you use a brush or any kind of a wallpaper smoother. You want to move it away from the seam of the wallpaper that you've just hung. And that way it will go out onto the wall that has yet to be papered. But you know there's always cases where the wallpaper paste kind of sneaks past you and then you notice it after the fact. So, the main trick is to get hot water as hot as your hands can take it. A couple of drops of mild baby shampoo or mild dish detergent. And the corner of a sponge or a Q-tip, especially in, you know, delicate areas. The main thing that you want to be careful of is that you don't use a lot of liquid hot water at the seams of the wallpaper. Because your seams are your most vulnerable area and you can actually deactivate or wash away the paste that's on the underside because the paper is porous. So it's going to absorb some of the water that you're using to remove the dried paste. So you want to use the littlest amount that you can. You want to be especially careful in the area where your seams are. But you can go over you know the whole thing with a Q-tip if it's in an area like you know a window, the corner of a window or by a baseboard, or a door. Something like that you can probably let that go because it's not going to be as noticeable. But if it's in the center of the wall that's definitely something that you are going to want to take care of. So again just watch your seams. Don't use too much moisture, too much water. A nice mild detergent or baby shampoo and that glue should come right up. I'm Given Campbell. These are my tips for removing dried wallpaper paste from a wallpapered surface.