Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sylvia Ferrero and we're here at Billy Beck III Personal Training Center in Weston, Florida, and today we're going to show you how to exercise with chronic hip bursitis. Now, if you've got chronic hip bursitis usually what that is, it could be an impact injury. A lot of times, most of the time it's actually an overuse injury. Now, if you think about it most people exercise in a linear pattern so basically forward and backwards but if you think about it, our legs also move in and out. It's that lack of exercising the stabilizing muscles on the inside and outside part of the leg that a lot of times throws the hips off. So, we're going to show you a couple of exercises to work those muscles. The first one, oh this is our lovely assistant by the way. This is Lauren Huff, she's here to help us demonstrate today. You're going to lie on the floor. Now, notice she's supporting her head with her hand. You can lie all the way down if you want to. Her other hand is supporting herself in front. So, her hips are stacked one on top of the other. You don't want to be either forward or backwards. You want to be one hip completely stacked on top of the other. She's bent 90 degrees at the knees and she's got her feet and knees together. Okay, so she's going to go ahead and open up her legs up and then straight back down and go for a slow and controlled, notice she's pausing at the top. Her abs are going to be pulled in and then slowly all the way back down, that's perfect, excellent. You can also do these with her, bring your legs back Lauren. You can also do these in this position as well. You want to work both movements, go ahead and open up, alright there we go. We're going to do this same movement with her hip and knees extended this time. So her legs are straight basically, same thing she's going to stack one hip on top of the other, her abs are tight, shoulders are stacked, feet and knees are straight and stacked on top of each other. She's going to come straight up with her leg and there you go, yeah awesome Lauren. Notice she turned her leg in from the hip, not from ankle, she turned it in from the hip, rotate it and then slowly raise the leg up. If you're having trouble stabilizing here you can bend this leg forward or bend it back, there you go and that will help you stabilize a little better. That's perfect. Notice she's pausing at the top. You're going to do anywhere from five to ten reps slow and controlled. Quality is more important than quantity guys. You don't want to do fast reps and a ton of them, just slow and controlled movement and this will help hopefully relieve some of the injury that you've got going on. Hope this helps you out. This is Sylvia Ferrero, and this has been how to exercise with chronic hip bursitis.