Video transcription

Hi my name is Diana. Today we are going to be doing easy paper mache for kids. To make paper mache you use one cup flour to five cups water. You want to make it very hot almost boiling, just below boiling point for three minutes. You are going to have to keep stirring it to get the lumps out. You will also need scissors, paper, strips of paper for dipping in the paper mache goo, masking tape. Today I am going to make a crescent moon paper mache. To begin you draw the framework for your object and cut it out. Okay now I want there to be some fullness to my piece. So I am going to use cotton balls. To use the cotton balls I'm simply going to place them inside the paper and then I'm going to use the masking tape to hold them in place and make a nice full piece. You can also use toilet paper, paper towels. You can use balloon. You can use all kinds of things. Okay next you take the tape simply wrap it around. And there we are ready to add the paper mache to our frame. Now we take our strips of paper, we dip them in the flour water mixture. This is the fun messy part. Using your fingers you take off the extra then, and once you get all your pieces of paper on you want to let it dry for 24 hours before you paint it. Or do anything else with it. You want to use at least two or three layers of the paper before you are done. Here's an example of a paper mache craft made many years ago when my son was only five years old. It's a penguin and it is a puppet. There are many different uses and ways that you can use paper mache. You can hang them on the wall. You could add a stick and use it as a staff. You can make puppets. You could make a mobile, hang it from the ceiling. They're just a lot of fun and kids can have a really good time making them.