DIY Calendar Holder

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Whether you have a homemade calendar or a store-bought one, you can build your own calendar holder to make hanging your calendar easy, efficient and decorative. You need only a few craft supplies, many of which you may already have around your house.


To make your own calendar holder, you will need a three-hole puncher, a pair of scissors, a spool of ribbon in a colour and design of your choice and three looseleaf book rings. There are several ways to make calendar holders. These supplies will allow you to experiment with different holders to fit your style and needs.

Prep Work

Before you can make your calendar holder, prepare your work space and calendar. Make sure you spread out all of your materials on a wide, clean space. You want room to work on your project. Also, check your calendar. Does it have spiral binding, or is it stapled? If if is stapled, then use a three-hole punch to punch three holes in the top of the binding. If you have spiral binding, then move on to Section 3.

Assembling the Calendar

Slip the three looseleaf book rings through each of the three holes you punched in the stapled calendar. Cut three six-inch ribbons and tie them in bows on each of the rings for decoration. Then cut a 20-inch ribbon and slip the strand through all three rings. Tie a bow at the top and hang it on a nail on your wall. If you have a spiral-bound calendar, cut a 20-inch ribbon and slip it through the coils. Tie a small knot on the first and last coil on the binding. Then tie a bow with the two strands and hang it on a nail on your wall.

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