Video transcription

Hi my name is Robert Herdan. I'm with West Oaks Tile. Today I'm going to show you how to install a dimmer switch on your regular light switch and the tools that will be needed on this project is a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips Head screwdriver and a dimmer switch. Okay so now the first thing you want to do when you're doing electrical is make sure the power is off. So what you do is turn on your light and then go to your box and turn off the appropriate switch. When you find the right switch if it isn't marked you will see that the light has turned off. Once that has happened, you know it is safe to proceed. then you would come to your electric switch and you have a plate so the first thing you want to do is remove your plate. So you'll take your flathead screwdriver and pull the plate off which will now open it up to the inside of the box. Now I'd like to use a cordless drill because it's much faster and there are two screws, one at the bottom and one at the top which then will release the switch. Now you pull your switch out and you will go ahead and grab your screwdriver, turn the receptacle to you and remove the two wires that are in the loop. In this case we also have a ground wire which you will want to go ahead and remove that one too. Ground wires should always be marked in green. So we are removing our wires. Once you've removed the old switch, you want to go ahead and get your new dimmer switch and you take it out of the package. This dimmer switch here we have our two wires that are black and one green. Some you may have a black and a white and you just simply take your two wires, wrap them around and take your wire nut and just turn that until you feel it get nice and tight. Once you've got it nice and tight, go ahead and attach the other side of the loop, take your wire nut and screw that one down again so you get it nice it night and tight and in this case here we have a curve on our black wire so we want to straighten that out just a little bit and get our wire nut on that one too and go ahead and screw that one on. You want to make sure you get all three of these screwed on tightly so that everything is connected right and that you don't have any exposed wires. Once you have gotten to that point, then you'll go ahead and take your wires and squish them all the way back to the very back so you just go ahead and push those all the way to the back and go ahead and secure the new switch to the box and screwed back in. Once we get to this point then you want to go back to your box and turn on the power. Now once the power is back on, you turn on your switch and now you've got a light that you can dim or make bright whichever you prefer. I'm Robert Herdan, owner of West Oaks Tile and this is how you put in your dimmer switch.