Video transcription

Hello, my name is Thomas Urso, head instructor at Asian Sword Arts of South Carolina. Today, we'll discuss hand-to-hand combat in the Martial Arts. Hand-to-hand combat, essentially weapon-less fighting, so hands or feet. You have different types of fighting. For example, Western Boxing, you're in, very close to each other, it's all about short, rapid, either circular, or straight attacking with the hands. Muay Thai, a different approach, is very similar to Western Boxing. Except, when you're a little bit at a distance, you will throw kicks, not only to the center, but also to the leg. In close, you have very similar to Western Boxing. When you're in very, very close, the attacks thrown are elbow, or knee. Other systems such as Korean Taekwondo, you're striking both hands and feet. However, Taekwondo stresses mostly feet, mostly kicking. So, you're at, because your legs are longer, you're at a greater distance. So, from here, you're fighting, you come in and do rapid, rapid circular, continuous attacking. Other Korean system, Hapkido, very similar to Taekwondo, it has all the striking, all the kicking. However, it also incorporates joint manipulation. So, someone grabs you, what do you do? Hapkido, you can strike, however you can also do joint manipulation. Other grappling systems such as Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Please remember, Jiu-Jitsu is a generic term and can fit many different Martial systems. But it's basically, for like a Velvet Room. So, from here, you're about to attack, o.k., you can be in an upward stance, you can be in a downward stance. However from here, the attacker comes in, rather than striking, o.k., he decides to do a more wrestling type approach. So, the person comes in brings them down, and arrests them, either, right now, I have my student in a choking technique. So, essentially defeating your opponent, through joint manipulation or choking, rather than striking. Once again, my name is Thomas Urso, head instructor at Asian Sword Arts of South Carolina. And today, we discussed hand-to-hand combat in the Martial Arts.