Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and today we're going to talk about compatible plants with vegetable gardening and Lilly is going to help us show what we need too. Anyways this is a dill plant and these are cabbage. If we plant these two together the cabbage has a tendency to get healthier, grows faster and they grow really well together. That's what compatible means, they're growing well together. So, those are some things that do well together. Some other choices are tomatoes and basil, not only do they taste good together but they also improve each other's flavor when grown next to each other. You can grow carrots next to tomatoes on an outside area, the carrots will be a little bit smaller but the tomatoes really love growing next to it. Then some other things that we can do that helps with the tomato plant is plant borage. Now if you plant borage, one on each side of your tomato, it helps attract bees, beneficials which helps with pollination and it also helps detour the dreadful tomato worm that we all have problems with. Some other things that we can do if we have compacted clay soils is plant caraway. Caraway helps break that soil up, chives, chives are great to grow around the fruit trees. It makes it to where you don't have the insects that climb up the fruit trees and of course, the marigold. The marigold is just a little work horse and it's good to plant around the perimeters of your garden beds. To save space, you can plant cold robbie together with beets. Plant your cold robbie and then around the cold robbie you can plant the beets. They both do well together, they both improve each other's flavors, saves space. You've probably all heard of the three sisters where you grow together your corn, you let your string beans climb up the corn. String beans are a legume and they fix the nitrogen in the soil which your corn loves and then you can put pumpkin in there with it too and I like to put those around the outside. The three of them grow really well together and they also save on space. These are just some of the things that you can do for compatible planting to help your plants grow better, healthier and stronger.