Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dana Wilson, and I'm with All-in-One Maids out of Salt Lake City. Today we're here at Tower Murray Plumbing, and we're going to demonstrate how to clean soap scum from a plastic shower base. To clean a plastic shower base, first thing you have to understand is that plastic is pretty porous so dirt tends to get down in the pores of it. So the best thing to use is an abrasive cleaner. And just pour it directly on your sponge. First of all, wet your entire tub or shower down and just apply the abrasive cleaner directly to your sponge and circle motions. The circle motions will get it down into the pores of the plastic. Now if you're having trouble with soap scum, use an acidic cleaner or you can go natural and use lemon juice and just pour it directly onto your sponge. Just do your circle motions. Be sure to get around inside the crevices of the drain. If their hard to get to, you can always use an old toothbrush, works really well, but you can also use a scrub sponge. After you're done, just rinse. You can rinse it out and just make sure all the cleaner goes down. Once again, I'm Dana Wilson, and we just demonstrated how to remove soap scum from a plastic shower base.