Video transcription

Hello, everyone. My name is Earamichia Brown, also known as "Encyclopedia" on the online Internet community. And today, I'm going to give you circular knitting needle instructions. Now, circular knitting needles are great, because they come in different sizes and lengths. And, it also allows you to knit things in what's called "the round". And, it's really very simple. You would have your circular knitting needle, and you would also ensure that you have a stitch marker. I have a 16 inch width circular needle here. And, after you have cast on your stitches, here you have your beginning cast on, and the end of your cast on. And, you know that because you have the yarn leading down to the bottom. Once you have that, you want to ensure that your stitches are all facing in the right direction, in one direction. So, now that you have that, and you know that everything is facing in the right direction, you then want to take your stitch marker, and place it at the end, or actually, the start of your stitches. So, now that your stitch marker is on your needle, you want to create your first stitch. Now, once you've done that, you have created the closure to your circle. And, at this point you would proceed to knit all the way around to the end of the row, or at this particular thing, it would be called the "round", to where your stitch marker is. Now, once you get back to this point, and you've knit all your stitches all the way around, you will have completed one row. And, that is how you knit using circular needles. My name is Earamichia Brown. If you have any questions, you can reach me at