Video transcription

Hi, this is Nene Ortega with Nene Baila. Today, I'm going to tell you how to dance the Latin Boogaloo. We are at the Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. Boogaloo, it's a Cuban root, but it's combined with different American rhythms and blues, Mambo, Somontano, and it became very popular in the 1960s in New York as a response of the Afro American community to the Latin music. What happened is that Latin musicians realized that the Afro Americans were not dancing their beat so they had to include other instruments that were more appealing to their blues, the soul music so they would be emerged in this rhythm and be popular in dance and have fun as well. So, we have instruments like piano, conga, bongo, they were very popular for this type of music. So, boogaloo, we have Ray Barretto, Mongo, Santa Maria that created this style of a mixture of different rhythms. In the 1960s people danced freestyle. They danced separate so I would suggest a Cha Cha like the Bang Bang, remember Bang, Bang, takatakata, Bang Bang. It's that Cha Cha that you can use. So I'm going to show you again, two, three, step, side and together and I go to the other side, would be two, three, step, side together but since it is freestyle dance you could also dance a Salsa to the Boogaloo. For a Salsa I would say, one, two, three, and then five, six, seven, again, one, two, change weight, two, three and five, six, seven. So the Boogaloo it's a mix of rhythms that created Latins to appeal for the Afro American. It was in New York in the 60s and it was danced freestyle. For you, Nene Ortega, how to dance the Boogaloo Latin music.