Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rebecca, 'The Art Lady", and we're going to make snow globes. To make snow globes, you'll need a glue gun, some glitter, some confetti that's plastic - not paper, a figurine, and a glass jar. And, for safety, you can use a clear plastic jar. To start with your snow globe, you're going to take your lid, and you want to be able to raise your figurine up and put some bright colors in there to make it interesting. What I like to do is take some confetti, just kind of crinkle all up into a ball. Have your glue gun, lots and lots of glue for this project. And, get it in there, go ahead and put in another one if you need. And, be careful, because it is hot. Can do this part for younger kids. And older kids, they love to use glue guns, but just remind them it's hot. Being burnt is no fun. Once you get your base down, push it down there, and if you need to add a few more extra spots, go ahead and do that. Okay, and to stand this guy up a bit, I'm going to add in an old cap to a marker pen. And, add some more glue around the base. Can never use too much glue when holding them down. And then, I'm going to go ahead, and I have a plastic figurine, going to glue on the bottom, put him right on there. Now, you're going to want to let this dry overnight. So, I'm going to go ahead and use another one that I started to make, and finish it off. You're going to fill up your glass jar so you have about a inch of space, and go ahead and dump in your glitter. Use different colors, I'm going for gold and silver, because I have my caribou scene over here. And, you're going to take your glue gun, and go along the inside of your rim. Then, you're going to turn the figurine inside out - upside down. And, after you have secured your lid on, go ahead and run a line of hot glue around the rim. And, that's how you make a snow globe.