Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics, and today I'll be showing you how to grow tomato plants in pots. Now, first what we want to do is take a scoopful of any kind of potting soil mix that you prefer and we're going to be using a fabricated pot just like this and we want to fill it up halfway in order to give it enough room to put our prepotted tomato plant in here and then later on we could fill up the sides and the corners. So, now that I have it filled up halfway I want to take the tomato plant and take it right out of its pot, loosen it up again. I want it to be where the stems are just about an inch or two deep into the actual pot and then I want to get more soil and start filling around the edges just like that. You want to tap it down a little just so that the soil gets nicely evenly distributed and then you want to grab your bucket of water and just start feeding your tomato plant. And the way you know that you've given it enough water is when you pick up your actual pot, it gets considerably heavier and you also want to protect the bottom with a saucer because these fabricated pots do end up leaking. That's how you plant tomatoes in pots.