Video transcription

This is how to find a percentage in a calculator. We'll be using the calculate on a Windows Computer so if you want to pull up your calculator and follow along, please do so. Percentages are fractions of a whole usually say you hear of 50 percent, that's equal to a half or it's 50 out of 100 is usually the denominator of all these percentages. Same thing for we'll say 35 percent, it's 35 out of 100. Or even just 8 percent is 8 out of 100. So there are all the fractions. Now what you want to do, erase this first, say we have, we want to know what 35 percent of 100 is and your calculator what you're going to want to do is input 100, hit the multiple button and put in .35. Now the .35 is because it is the 35 out of 100 and if you put that in your calculator, 35, put a division sign by 100, you'll get .35. So, once you put 100 X .35 on your calculator, hit that equals button and you're going to get 35, 35 is 35 percent of 100. So that's a pretty straightforward easy one. Let's try something different. Say we have 70 and we want to know what still 35 percent is of 70. If you punch this in your calculator, 70 multiplied by .35 equals, you're going to get 24.5. That's exactly how to do it on your calculator. Say later, again, we did 50, hit the multiply button, times .35 again, equals button. Now we want to know what that's going to be. That will be 17.5. Alright, and this is how you find percentages on your calculator.