Video transcription

I'm Leon, and we're at the Xotx-Tropico, with an X, my nursery in West Hollywood. Today, I'm going to show you how to plant a nice pot that'll bloom most of the year for the sun. First, we'll select an interesting pot color. This blue will go very nicely with the blue flowers, white flowers that we're using. So, we've selected a pot of sufficient volume; it must be a little deep, a little wide, so it won't dry out easily. We're going to put some drainage material, broken pottery in the bottom of the pot. Then, we can put any good standard potting soil into the pot and I've selected, this is an award winning perennial, blooms all year here in California. This is Scabiosa Butterfly Blue, very cuddable also. See what a nice root system it has? We're going to get that in there. Then, I have another wonderful plant from South Africa, "Hmmm", they smell great. This is a Confection White Nemesia. The white will look great with the blue pot. It's a nice contrast in there. And then, I've selected another classic fragrant plant. This is a Sweet Violet. This is Miracle Intense Blue, Viola Odorata. And this here in California too, it blooms most of the year. "Hmmm", delicious. So, we've combined three different textures, three different heights of flowers; tall, medium and low. We'll tuck in a little soil around them. And there you are, ready to go; a beautiful pot that'll bloom all year in the sunshine from Xotx-Tropico.