Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor in the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a leaky water supply line in a toilet. We here at the water supply line and it's leaking. Underneath the toilet towards the back is where the connection is going to take place. Now, this part right here is obviously going to go into the wall and screw into an angle stop. But you are finding that it's leaking right here. What you want to do is turn the water off, flush it and let the water flow through so when you undo this the water doesn't drain from the tank into your lap. Most of the time these are just finger tight. If you find this a little too tight for you just go ahead and grab any type of a pair of wrench or whatever and just give it a start. What you want to do is just unscrew it and you are going to find that there's kind of a cone shape seal inside of here. And if this isn't a 100 percent, you are going, that's what's going to cause the leak. So, it's better just to toss this and go get another one. Here we got our new water supply line. And we are going to take our plumber's tape here. And we are going to wrap the connection that's coming from the toilet remembering to go counter clockwise. I mean to go clockwise my mistake. And you just want to wrap it around here a few times making sure to get it in all the threads. Take your new water supply line screw it on. Once you get that tight on like I said it's just finger tight and then you want to reattach this to your angle stop coming from the wall. Turn it back on and your tank should fill up just nice. Go ahead and just check the leaks after a few minutes after it's filled. And that should solve your water leakage problem.