Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a toilet tank that is slow to refill. If you are finding that your toilet tank is not filling up very fast I'm going to show you several ways to trouble shoot that. Out of the wall you are going to have your water supply which is going to come through a half inch galvanized pipe. And then you are going to have your angle stop which has a turning valve on it. The first thing you'd want to check to see if this thing is completely on all the way. Go ahead and just, you know, turn it to see if it's on all the way. The other thing you can check is to see if this water supply line is kinked or clogged by any means. What you can do is turn the water off to the water supply line. Pull it out, check it. See if there's anything that's clogged in it. Sometimes sediment from pipes can come along and find their way inside of here and clog it up. And that would eliminate water pressure coming through. Basically you can remove the top of the tank and this line right here is what's, what the water is running through. And this small hose that connects to this over here could be kinked or clogged as well. So you just want to remove this and just blow into it to see if this thing is clear. And if it is you can just replace it back there and that's really about the only reasons why a tank wouldn't fill up. And if you try all those things and you are still having the same problem I would suggest checking the pressure that's coming from the main line. You may have a clog that's all the way back in there. And the way to find that out is to check some other fixtures in the house to see if you have the same water pressure problem. And those are some things to check out and good luck.