Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Welcome to Chris' Workshop. Today, I'm going to show you how to build a really simple garden bench. What I've found for my project is some pretty big wood. It's certainly bigger than we need for our garden bench, but it's attractive. It gives it a really solid feel. This is a 4 X 8. There are two of these. They are going to be our legs. They're 4 X 8 and 17 inches long. I cut them out of two different pieces of wood. I found two short scraps. So they're slightly different sizes. Framing lumber has some variations. No big deal. It doesn't matter for us. The other thing I found was this 2 X 10. It's just an old piece of wood. It's got some drywall mud on it. It's got some holes where bolts used to go through. That's great character. If I put this through my planer, it would look really nice. It would come up surfaced and brand new but we're going for kind of a rustic look here. No big deal. This is the top of my bench. Notice I cut on my miter saw a slight angle here, purely aesthetic. I thought it looked a little bit interesting. You can cut it square. This is 36 inches long. That's going to rest on the top of our legs just like that, very simple and the other off cut that I got out of this same board is going to be a cross piece to give us a little bit of support between the two legs. You can use 2 X material for your legs and this cross piece will help support that 2 X material. With this 4 X 8 in the top, I don't really need this but I think it looks nice and in case you don't want to use 2 X for your legs, you'll know how to do it. So I cut all my pieces. The legs want to be the same size. I chose 17 inches because once you add the inch and a half top, that gives you just a nice comfortable sitting height. It's all arbitrary. You can make it to fit a specific space in your yard. Pick a size that works for you. To assemble this, the first thing I'm going to do is attach the crosspiece. What I did was I held my legs together and used my square to mark a line that corresponds to the top and bottom of my crosspiece. So when I screw into each leg, this will be equal distance on each leg. So the crosspiece fits in between those marks and it gets centered on that mark. I'm going to pre-drill and toenail screw. Another option that I can show you is I just went to my home center and bought some six inch leg screws and I can pre-drill and face nail right through the side of the leg. Here's the six inch leg screw. Go ahead and pre-drill something bigger than the head so you can countersink it below the surface of the wood. That will give you the option of plugging it later. After that's attached and nice and secure, all that's left to do is put the top on your bench, pre-drill and screw straight down into the legs, finish it off with your favorite outdoor finish. You can paint it. You can put polyurethane on it, whatever you like and your garden bench is done. I'm Chris Palmer. Thank you for joining me. Enjoy your garden bench.