Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade. I'm a Contractor from the City of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to remove dry grout from your tile. From time to time, you're going to have build up of grout that will dry and you'll see right here we've got some examples of a grout that has dried up. Best way to remove that is to take a plastic putty knife, not a metal one. Metal one will scratch your surface regardless if it's a stone, ceramic or, or natural stone or whatever. You just basically lightly sand, I mean scrape away what you can scrape. Don't force it 'cause there is a thing to follow this. You just want to get in there, get it out, wipe it away. Just get what, just get the big boogers that you can get. And then, you want to take a sponge that's been dipped, rung out and just go over the area that you scraped. And you can see just by that simple process, you have removed all dry grout. For example, if you move into a house and you noticed that there's some dry grout that obviously have been sitting there for, who knows how long; that technique will work just great for that 'cause it's such a small area, just scraping it and the moisture from the water on a small amount will just wipe right up. But, other than that, it's pretty simple process. That's how you remove dry grout from your tile surface.