Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade. I'm a Contractor from the City of Los Angeles. Today, we're going to show you how to evenly lay tile floors. Laying floor tiles is not that complicated. We're on a concrete slab right now, which is basically going to resemble, say, a kitchen tile floor. The easiest way to do your layout is to find the center of your room, both ways; this way and that way regardless of any obstruction whether there will be cabinets or walls that pop out in front; biggest area width, biggest area depth. You want to find the center of, of where your tiles are going to be laid out. That way, when you start working your way towards your borders, your cut pieces will be even on both sides regardless of whether six inches, five inches or whatever. You want to start out with a clean surface. You want to take the thin set and you just want to basically just get in the areas that you're going to be laying. Do not make more thin set than you can lay tile and we're going to take our notch trowel and you're just putting like you want to start from the areas where you're going to start laying. So, you want to spread it around. You want to make sure you don't have any voids in there. It all have to be notched; you know, little circles like that that are void, what happens is as the tile gets under there and as you set it down and start pressing on it, you're going to build kind of an air gap there, so to speak and you'll feel a hollow on this, on top of the tile and eventually it would pop. Now, for your first tile, you're going to want to find whatever line that you've drawn in your borderline and basically, you lay your first one down; press down on it and you'll, if you could hear that sound that it is starting to scrape, you know you're down pretty much near the bed. Flatten out the notches and it's a, going to get a nice tight seal. Get your first one down. Make sure it's nice and square with your lines. Then, you want to take your second one. Basically, eyeball it to where it's supposed to go. Take our spacers. Put them in there, push it forward, bring the two together; make sure they're lined up side to side. Press down on it. Here's your first, second one. Now, you take your third one and just kind of eyeball it where it needs to go; get it close. Get your spacers in there; bring it to it, push it nice and tight up against the other one, making sure they're lined up especially in the corners here. Press down firmly and if it looses out like this, that's okay. Kind of get it out of there side to side. Take your last one, eyeball it again. Get your spacers on the top; side to side. Bring it this way, push it up there. Make sure these corners look good 'cause when you grout, you're going to want to make sure that everything is lined up and when you grout, then, you'll be able to really see whether you're straight or not. And that's pretty much how you lay down your tiles straight. You know, and you know, typically, it's not a bad idea to lay about four or five, walk away, go have some lunch, let them set up. That way, when you start from some good ones that are set up, as you bring ones, two in from, you're not moving any of these and that gives you a good straight line to, from, forward and back. That's pretty much how you do it.